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A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Cyberattacks

No doubt, technology has had contributed to significant positive changes in the corporate world. Every business today has an IT system to improve efficiency and performance. However, having an IT system means that you will deal with cyberattack threats from time to time. Research shows that by 2023, organizations would have lost 33 billion records through cyberattacks. The need for cyber attack prevention methods is encouraged because of the rising cases of cyberattacks in many organizations. Knowledge regarding different forms of cyberattack is crucial in cyber attack prevention. By learning about the cyberattacks, you will learn how to stop them from happening in your organization. Keep reading this article to learn more about cyberattacks and effective cyber attack prevention measures.

To begin with, you should learn about phishing as a cyberattack method. The goal of hackers in this form of cyberattack is to steal confidential organizational data such as credit card numbers, bank account details, and login credentials. By posing as trusted individuals and organizations, hackers gain access to sensitive company data. As a trusted individual or organization, the hacker will send you an email, text message, or link to enter your information. This is most likely to happen when you are waiting for someone to send you an email asking for confidential or sensitive information. The recommended cyber attack prevention method for phishing is ensuring that you are sending data to the correct individuals.

Next on the list of cyberattacks is Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), which involves someone eavesdropping or putting themselves on a two-person transaction or conversation. For instance, when messaging someone, a hacker can join the conversation by joining your Wi-Fi or visiting your device using an open network. Malware is one of the most popular forms of cyberattack today. A malware is considered software that can hurt your computers such as a virus or ransomware. Commonly, a hacker can put malware on your device by overwhelming you with popups. If you unknowingly click download on the popups, you could be inviting a virus in your device. The solution to this form of cyberattack is ignoring suspicious popups that might show your laptop screen.

Password attack is a common cyberattack that many people complain of. Since it is an easier form of cyberattack, it is advisable that you follow password requirements for your organization when creating a password. A strong password should consist of special characters, letters, numbers, and capitalization. Also, you should learn about denial of service as a form of cyberattack. It is common to visit a website and fail to get what you need because of huge traffic. When a hacker notices such as a website, he or she will execute a denial of service attack by overloading the servers and creating new content.

Botnet is the last form of cyberattack that you should learn about. Botnet happens when robots combine to accomplish an attack. A cyber attack prevention that you should consider for Botnet is creating a strong security wall.